Being a Grammarian will expand and improve your thinking and listening skills, and is a very enjoyable and creative role.

The role may sometimes be combined with the Ah-Counter and/or Memory Master (also known as Listening Post).

The Grammarian completes a range of tasks:

  • presents the word or theme of the meeting
  • listens to each speaker's grammar and language
  • notes grammatical mistakes, as well as examples of good word usage
  • assesses use or overuse of "filler", or unnecessary words such as "really", "actually", "like", etc.
  • and offers suggestions for improvement in a verbal report at the end of the meeting


The Ah-Counter notes words and sounds used as a "crutch" or "pause filler" by speakers during a Toastmasters meeting.
This role is sometimes combined with the Grammarian role.
Some clubs may levy a fine for the use of ah's and um's.

Listening Post/Memory Master

The Listening Post or Memory Master role-holder listens carefully to all speakers, noting down any points of interest, facts or other things that happened, along with the answer or correct version.

Towards the end of the meeting, the Listening Post or Memory Master asks the audience to answer questions about what people said or did during the meeting.  It can be a fun way to end a meeting and challenge the audience to remember points about the meeting.

This role may be combined with the Grammarian and/or Ah-Counter role.